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Dear Twin (EPUB)


By Addie Tsai

Fall 2019

2021 ALA Rainbow Book List

Poppy wants to go to college like everyone else, but her father has other ideas. Ever since her mirror twin sister, Lola, mysteriously vanished, Poppy’s father has been depressed and forces her to stick around. She hopes she can convince Lola to come home, and perhaps also procure her freedom, by sending her twin a series of eighteen letters, one for each year of their lives.

When not excavating childhood memories, Poppy is sneaking away with her girlfriend Juniper, the only person who understands her. But negotiating the complexities of queer love and childhood trauma are anything but simple. And as a twin? That’s a whole different story.

Also available from Apple Books, as a PDF, and in print.

Author: Addie Tsai
Press kit
Price: $12.99 (CAD)
ISBN: 978-1-9990588-2-1

Cover by Keet Geniza

  • EPUB
  • 224 pages
  • Published in November 2019

“When I imagine the future of YA literature, I hope for more books like Dear Twin – portrayals of the barbs and struggles of adolescence that don’t shy away from familial and relational trauma, yet are still imbued with generosity and compassion. Stories about young BIPOC lives, about reformulating love and family, about getting unstuck from never-ending cycles of hurt.”
—H. Felix Chau Bradley, Montreal Review of Books

“It’s clear that in this deeply personal young adult novel, fictionalized in part from the bones of her own memoir, Tsai hopes to reach certain young adults—those who identify at a core level with her pansexual, Asian-and-white, daughter-of-a-first-gen-immigrant narrator.”
—Sarah Sheppeck, The Coachella Review

“Addie Tsai has rendered a world blisteringly similar to the one we live in where acceptance of one’s biography and queerness does not come easy. Dear Twin is the story of twins, the story of desire, the story of writing, and most importantly the story of eyes and bodies. It is rare that a book is as equally horrifying as it is beautiful, rigorous as it is readable, quiet as it is spectacular, but that is just what Tsai has created in Dear Twin. I have never read anything quite like it.”
—Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy, Long Division, and How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America.

Dear Twin is an emotional, unique experience. Tsai’s exploration of queer identity, family, and adolescent ennui—paired with prose that’s both deft and inventive—will leave a lasting impression, especially on your heart. Through her dissection of the relationship between twins Poppy and Lola (who goes missing), Tsai weaves a heart-wrenching, raw, and sometimes obscure tale of the search for oneself in the chaos of a world that constantly tries to define us all.”
—John Corey Whaley, author of Where Things Come Back, Noggin, and Highly Illogical Behavior.