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Mothers and Kings

Sometimes interpretation happens backwards and you realize you’ve written thousands of words with only a small grasp on something huge. That probably happens less if you’re a true researcher, which I am not, but even they always end up talking about all the next steps and things to investigate further. Let’s just assume that no one gets to the end of a big project feeling like it’s absolutely complete.

Tarot Tensions

Lately we’ve been tweaking the final drafts of the tarot manuscript (and finalizing cover designs – thanks Nazik Dakkach!), and something that’s come up editorially is messaging and themes.

Black and white papercut horizontal tarot card of someone with muscular calves seated and pulling a wheeled cart from behind them.

Tarot Here We Go

Okaaaaaayyyy so here it is kids, me trying to use the internet again. Last time I had a blog I told two people about it and it was the same with the one before that. It causes me some pain to put my words into the world but that is too bad because Metonymy is about to publish its first book and I wrote it and I want people to read it and use it so I decided I’d better give myself a warm-up.