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Books to break isolation

We hope you’re staying well, and connected, and engaged. We’re awed by the growth of mutual aid around us (and also cautiously encouraged to see institutional attempts to support survival), and holding out hope that the lasting shifts that come out of this collapse will be generous, community-centred ones. To this end, we encourage you to support your local booksellers’ delivery efforts where possible, as well as fundraisers, petitions, etc., that will help supplement income loss (for writers, for example!) and provide care.
Circumstances shift quickly, but for now the post office is predicting some delays, so we continue to sell print books online (packaged with precautions). All of our titles are now available in digital formats (PDF or EPUB) online as well. From now until the end of the month, we’re offering a 40% discount on all items in our online store, with digital sales going in full to the authors.
Sending love to everyone – those with precarious incomes, compromised immunity, illness, anxiety, high-risk work environments, whose friends and families are far, whose roommates are terrible, who provide or require essential services, whose living situations are already painful.