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Markus Harwood-Jones and his new book The Haunting of Adrian Yates

Markus Harwood-Jones is an aspiring TikTokker who lives in downtown Toronto with his husband, their platonic co-parent, and their extra-cute kiddo. He is the author of several YA novellas and also of the most recent Metonymy book, The Haunting of Adrian Yates. In this Gothic YA, best friends Adrian and Zoomer meet a new friend in the nearby run-down cemetery, and start hanging out with him all night, doing séances, going on 7-Eleven runs, gossiping in the laundry room, and breaking each other’s hearts.

fall tour image in turquoise and yellow. text reads: "fall tour. oct 21 - Toronto, Glad Day Bookshop. Oct 28 - Montreal, Maisonnette des parents. Nov 16 - Kingston - Novel Idea Books. Nov 18 - Winnipeg, McNally Robinson Booksllers. The Haunting of Adrian Yates. Markus Harwood-Jones."
Haunting of Adrian Yates fall tour poster

The Haunting was one of the first books we chose with our full acquisitions committee, including Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch, Kama La Mackerel, H Felix Chau Bradley, as well as the Metonymy co-publishers Ashley Fortier and Oliver Fugler. After we’d decided to work together, Markus filled in the Metonymy author questionnaire, which he later used in this video about the story behind his book.

Please watch, and come to one of his events (the next one is Saturday, October 28 in Montreal).