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Personal Attention Roleplay


Available in paperback, EPUB, and PDF

by H. Felix Chau Bradley

Fall 2021

Shortlisted for the 2021 TWUC Danuta Gleed Literary Award
Shortlisted for the eighth annual Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

A young gymnast crushes on an older, more talented teammate while contending with her overworked mother. A newly queer twenty-something juggles two intimate relationships—with a slippery anarchist lover and an idiosyncratic meals-on-wheels recipient. A queer metal band’s summer tour unravels amid the sticky heat of the Northeastern US. A codependent listicle writer becomes obsessed with a Japanese ASMR channel.

The stories in Personal Attention Roleplay are propelled by queer loneliness, mixed-race confusion, late capitalist despondency, and the pitfalls of intimacy. Taking place in Montreal, Toronto, and elsewhere, they feature young Asian misfits struggling with the desire to see themselves reflected—in their surroundings, in others, online. Chau Bradley’s precise language and investigation of our more troubling motivations stand out in this wryly funny debut, through stories that hint at the uncanny while remaining grounded in the everyday.

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Author: H. Felix Chau Bradley

ISBN: 9781777485214

Cover art by Marigold Santos

Cover design by LOKI

  • Printed in Quebec
  • Published November 2021

“A perfect album of stories—funny, sad, sharp, and deeply intimate. H. Felix Chau Bradley’s writing is shimmering and beautiful. I loved this book.”
—Casey Plett, author of A Dream of a Woman

“Clever and complex.”
—Angela Mazza, Maisonneuve

“[This collection’s] stories are deft even when they are wild … and the dialogue is so keen, so perfectly pitched.”
—S. Bear Bergman, Xtra

Queer maverick H. Felix Chau Bradley’s adventurous debut is what the broken world needs right now … Personal Attention Roleplay is a power to the people collection—daring, propulsive, and fun.

—Jennifer Tseng, author of Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness


EPUB, PDF, Print


Available for purchase in Canada and the United States