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Switch is a small monograph of nine portrait diptychs and three critical texts by Susana Vargas, Morgan M Page, and Marty Fink. This 2009 photography series presents the viewer with what initially appear to be pairs of classic studio portraits of heterosexual couples. Upon closer examination, however, it becomes clear that each pair of couples presented is composed of two models, not four. Each model is portrayed as a man in one image and a woman in the adjacent one.

This book is self-published by JJ Levine and distributed by Metonymy Press.

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Price: $25
ISBN: 978-0-9940471-1-7

Designed by Jeffrey Torgerson.

• Softcover 13.3 x 16.8 x .4 cm
• 56 pages
• Indigo printing
• Limited edition of 100
• Bilingual (English/French)
• Printed in Montreal, Canada