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She Is Sitting in the Night + Thea’s Tarot deck


She Is Sitting in the Night is a contemporary queer re-visioning of a beautiful feminist tarot deck from the 80s that documents a conversation across generations and mediums. It is simultaneously a tool for tarot reading and a celebration of queer and feminist cultural production, past and present.

Alongside Oliver Pickle’s acclaimed contemporary interpretation of Ruth West’s lesbian-feminist tarot cards, we now carry a new printing of Thea’s Tarot (originally released in 1984 by the artist). Order them alongside the book or on their own.

For deck orders outside of the US and Canada, contact Little Red Tarot (UK), Salon des Arcanes (FR), and IndieTarot (NL).


Price: $60
ISBN book: 978-0-9940471-0-6


Cover by Nazik Dakkach
Author: Oliver Pickle

Artist: Ruth West

  • Paperback, 17 x 20 x 1.3 cm
  • 192 pages
  • 378 grams
  • Printed in Quebec

Tarot deck:

Artist: Ruth West

  • 78-card deck
  • 224 g
  • Originally printed by Medusa Graphics in Massachussetts, re-issued by Metonymy Press with permission
  • Printed in US